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I got tagged

Thu Nov 15, 2012, 10:04 PM
  • Listening to: sound waves
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: light
  • Playing: something playable
  • Eating: something edible (i hope)
  • Drinking: cyanide.... wait what?

1. Each person must post 10 things about them selves on their journal.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you
and create ten more for the people you tag to answer.

3. You have to choose ten people and post their icon.
4. Go to their page and tell them they have been tagged. Simple enough.

5. No tag backs. Playground rules, respect them.
6. You have to tag 8 people.

10 things about me~
1. I like wolves. Can you tell?
2. I'm an aspiring voice actor. (though I don't have the equipment like major mic and preamp)
3. Level 3 admin on the Fugworld online community (We are awesome!)
4. I'm an Eagle Scout
5. I'm a registered Minister
6. I love creepy gorey stuff
7. I can't look in mirrors too long without getting freaked out thinking my reflection is going to do something wierd or kill me or something.
8. I love the sound of clocks ticking
9. I have a heavy amount of German blood in my veins.
10. I play the Melodica (crappily, but I practice when I can)


Questions I have to answer:

1. If you could travel anywhere in the world, including outer space or the moon, ignoring expenses, where would you go?

The fucking moon!

2. If you could travel to any FICTIONAL world (such as the DWMA from Soul Eater, Hogwarts, even the world of your OC's), where would you go?

HAHAHHA... I laugh because as fucked up as it is, I want to say the world of Corruption of Champions. I guess it all is based on what you mean by travel. Do I just go vacation there once? Do I gain the ability to travel there whenever? How long am I there?

3. If you could have any piece of clothing, from just a fancy Golden tux, to a cosplay, to a suit made of bubble wrap, what would you get?

A piece of clothing? but you said cosplay and tux... those are made of many pieces. I'm confused...
I guess either a tux jacket for 1 piece made of the purest of pure daimond made by the biggest fashion designer ever. If I can do more, the same thing but a full tux in the same. I could sell that and be super fucking rich.

4. Favorite Candy!

JELLY BEANS! (Especially buttered popcorn flavor)

5. Tell me if question Number 5 is even a question

Not at all. It is a demand. You aren't asking if the mislabeled "question" 5 is a question, you are telling me to tell you whether or not it is.

6. What would you do if you died and the afterlife turned out to be like Angel Beats (if you havent seen it, I'd suggest you do.  You can just watch the first episode if you just want to answer this question).

too lazy to watch and without an explanation I  have lno clue at all what Angel Beats even is, let alone how I would react to a heaven like it.

7. Answer "How are you" in the weirdest way possible.
With no restrictions: Do you believe in magic? Cause face burn schlamper! I will make you SadoMesoPedoRoboNecroBestiality the shit out of that taco slurry!

Restricted to it being an actual direct response to the question: That's a great philisophical question! How are any of us? You could go by string theory and say we are because of a bunch of molecular vibrating string things, and we are differently in each of the 11 dimensions used to help better explain the backbone of string theory, but I digress. I suppose to be very basic and real, the how is because of my parents engaging in intercourse to combine the sperm cell with the egg cell, and blah blah blah pregnancy, blah blah blah child birth. Of course there is the more spiritual answer that I am because of a conscious energy moving a meat sack of carbon and water.

8. Wreck-it Ralph or Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (If you haven't seen both movies, just tell me if you'd rather see a whole bunch of cartoon characters or a bunch of video game characters)
I would have to see Wrech it Ralph first. Would I rather see a bunch of cartoon characters or a bunch of video game characters? It depends how well each was done. Both can be amazing, but both can also be utter shit.

9. Tell me something really, really small that just really really bugs you?  Like your parent's leaving the TV on when they leave the house.

How is that really smart? I suppose it helps cut down on burglaries but unless you live in a dangerous neighborhood, locking the door is all you need. Im not entirely sure what this question is asking regardless.

10. What did you eat (or going to eat) for supper of the day you read this?

A deli sandwhich, no meat no cheese (it only costs $3. )

I tag:
:iconagentaragorn: :iconpinkanon: :icondieoxide2: :iconcrazyboris: :iconamarsreject: :iconadella: :iconartgem:

Your questions:

1. Favorite piece of media? (movie, game, show, song, etc. Pick one)

2. What is your left hand on right now?

3. What did you eat inbetween yesterdays breakfast, and todays dinner?

4. Favorite animal?

5. How much sleep do you generally get a night?

6. What would be your favorite mode of transportation, real or not?

7. If you could make your own world, what would it be like?

8. Would you like to join a petition that says "Fuck you scientists, Pluto is a planet and has feelings too!" ?

9. Would you care for a free lollipop?

10. You have 4 wishes, no wishing for more wishes or wishing to change the rules of the wishes. What do you wish for?

Listening To:
Deathcab for Cutie
Modern Warfare 2
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Bladebrent Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Well, you apparently like questions to be quite specific. you should try just going with your first instinct.
Question 2 I guess would just like you go there, you do stuff there, and you can go home whenever you want, if you even want.
Question 3, probably should of thought that slightly through a little more (since cosplays are usually more than one piece as well) but I'd call "getting a diamond tux and selling it" as cheating. How about clothing you would actually want to KEEP.
Question 6, basically the afterlife is just a school with a bunch of other people. You can die as much as you want (provided your body isnt completely obliterated) and be fine in just a few hours. Its kinda hard to explain in such a way that you can actually take it seriously, because the show is actually really sad and you'd get the idea better if you actually watched it. The idea behind the question is the fact you're dead, you cant see any of your old friends again unless they die, and even if they do, the only reason people go to that afterlife is because they didn't fulfill something in life. I honestly would think I would go insane and always leave a room by jumping out the window, even if its 3 stories high because I know I couldnt die....again. Its a good show. Can be funny at times but it is really sad. I'd suggest it. You'd probably want to watch "Another" though if you like creepy shows dealing with the afterlife. far more bloody and serious though. Yes, its called "Another"
Question 9, I was just talking about something really insignificant that bugs you. Like people saying "irregardless" or (as someone else I tagged said) someone repeating themselves over and over. My example was my mom always leaving the TV and lights on whenever she leaves the house. Doesnt grasp the concept of saving electricity.
WolfDeityProductions Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I couldn't go with my first instinct, because the second part of the question completely contradicted my first instinct.
I don't mind whether or not a question is specific, but I think very detailed, and if you aren't I am going to give you a range of answers covering different bases because my answer will change based on circumstance.

3: then a super awesome black leather duster.

6: Well its better than the Twilight Zone hell (the one where everything goes your way eternally, taking all the thrill out of getting your way, and turning your own desires into your worst torment), but I think you described it well to make it serious, and I think I would be really pissed off to be there.

9: People referring to any flat image as a vector. A VECTOR IS NOT AN ART STYLE! IT IS A METHOD OF SAVING AN IMAGE TO A COMPUTER!
Bladebrent Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
lol, I'll keep that in mind. Can you tell me what your favorite food is then without listing more than one meal (Meal being like Mashed potatoes, Gravy, Garlic toast, Steak, a group of food you'd eat at one time for a meal, like Breakfast, or a snack, or Desert, or supper but not like Supper, and then something else for desert after)

3. Dont even know what you look like and I'm guessing it be very fitting for you. All it would need is maybe a Wolf emblem or something on it somewhere.

6. Well, like I said, you only go there if theres regrets you had in life, for example theres a girl who was paralyzed and couldnt move or speak so she just watched tv all day and she wanted to be good at Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, Singing, and playing Guitar in the afterlife, and once you do that, then you pass on and just disappear so yeah, sounds alot better than the twilight zone to me.

9. Thats good to know. I didnt know what a Vector was, but I dont use words I dont know the exact meaning of.
WolfDeityProductions Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Bladebrent Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012
There, a nice simple answer :D
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